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In 2018, Henan yunnaduan Network Technology Co., Ltd Led by Mr. Gu Guoming, technical manager 12 members of the technology department jointly developed agricultural machinery equipment network, with 67 powerful manufacturers. So far, we have successfully assisted 80 enterprises and institutions in selecting machinery and equipment.
Partners: all located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, with a large workshop of 15000 square meters, it is our duty to provide users with high quality and high price machinery and equipment. It mainly supplies large and medium-sized wood crusher, branch crusher, straw crusher, metal crusher, corncob crusher, template grinder, shredder, sawdust machine and dryer
】It is a large-scale machinery factory integrating research, production and marketing.
    Scale of cooperative units All manufacturers can independently complete the design, production and sales of the machines. The production machines cover an area of 2000000 meters, including the production workshop covering an area of 1000000 square meters, and the office building covers an area of 10000 square meters; the office equipment and production equipment are complete. More than 10 years of technical personnel from the production department and sales department of the company.
Production technology: the workshop is equipped with various milling machines, drilling machines, planers, plate shears, bending machines, electric welding, secondary welding, argon arc welding, traveling crane, forklift truck, steel, motor and accessories are all made of international standard materials.
after-sale service:
1. When customers buy a new machine, we provide complete operation instructions and video explanation instructions. Generally, free door-to-door installation and debugging are available.
2. Give free explanation and training to relevant maintenance personnel of customers to ensure the normal operation of machinery in the future.
In order to solve the sales problem of mechanical equipment users after they purchase the equipment and put into production, Henan Yunna end network provides free and irregular purchase and sales information.
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thirteen billion five hundred and twenty-three million three hundred and seventy-two thousand four hundred and fifty-seven

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