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Corn core crusher
Product introduction
All kinds of non wood materials, such as straw, fruit shell, grass, corn straw, wheat straw, peanut seedling, sweet potato seedling, peanut skin, dry weeds, rice husk, starch, shell, potato residue and other wood or non wood raw materials [13523362446]
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Product introduction
Corn core crusher


Profit analysis:

The price of 20-40 mesh varies from 1500 to 2000 feed mills in China. Corn cob protein content 3 is suitable for feeding cattle and sheep, and Roughage of nausea animal is easier to grow.

Particles can be polished and sold to pet washers at 1800 + per ton.

Larger particles can be used as xylitol, sand and abrasive Animal medicine, amino acid protein feed, flavor element, madurase, choline chloride, vitamins and biological enzymes.

Scope of application:
It is suitable for cutting straw and forage of various crops such as green (dry) corn straw, straw, etc. it is suitable for cattle farms with less than 10 cattle or sheep farms with less than 30 sheep.
Main performance features:
1. Power, energy saving and consumption reduction, high utilization rate and uniform fineness.
2. Manual operation, only one person operation, because of the full-automatic feeding system, no manual holding is required; manual pre-processing does not need manual feeding at the feeding port, so the labor cost is too high, just use stick to pick; fork over; mechanical grass grabbing machine whole bundle feeding, mechanized belt conveyor conveying; mechanical feeding mode. The whole bundle of materials is directly put into the crushing bin one meter away from the fence coarse crushing bin. The straw is automatically fed into the crushing chamber for secondary crushing after rough processing. Both the whole package and the loose package can enter the crushing chamber appropriately. Then, the high-speed rotary hammer blade cutter is used to cut into small pieces, and then the powder is formed once.
3. The output adopts many new technologies, such as rotary feeding, rotor with cutter, inner planting fan, 360 degree circle screen and so on. The corn cob crusher of Henan Guoming machinery factory makes the raw materials cut first, the special corn cob crusher for breeding, then cuts, and then comminutes, and the grain is separated automatically. For the additional labor, it can pay for electricity and labor The high-yield corn cob crusher has large air volume, good material separation effect and fast powder discharge.
How to install and debug the equipment and what to do if there are problems in the use process?

The equipment installation Union will arrive at the site with the equipment without any cost. If it takes more than a day, please arrange accommodation for the factory master. After commissioning, the on-site commissioning will teach the staff to operate independently and give the usual maintenance and operation matters.

There is no guarantee to buy the machine? (this problem doesn't exist)

We sign a formal contract for you. You only need the normal proportion of advance payment, we can arrange the order production, issue the distribution list before delivery, and have professional quality inspection personnel to check whether there is any delivery goods, and the delivery list. After you pay the machine, you can see it. (cooperation is only the beginning, service is win-win)

Matching wearing parts, motor / diesel engine provide lifelong service

We will provide you with wearing parts for your life. We have a professional after-sales team to relieve your worries - motor / diesel lifetime warranty.

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