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Product introduction
Various non wood raw materials of sawdust crusher, such as straw, fruit shell, grass, corn straw, wheat straw, peanut seedling, sweet potato seedling, peanut skin, dry weeds, rice husk, starch, shell, potato residue and other wood or non wood raw materials [13523362446]
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Product introduction
Fixed crusher:
Fixed crusher refers to the crushing equipment fixed on the frame, which is often a simple crushing production line. The specific types and configuration of the equipment are set according to the needs of users. The main advantage is that the production line can be moved, high flexibility, no need to disassemble, transport and reassemble again.
It is mainly used in the construction of municipal solid waste crusher. It can also be used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry and other industries. The imported hydraulic hammer, through hydraulic pneumatic control, has the advantages of large crushing capacity, stable operation, low noise, reliable performance and convenient operation. It can continuously operate in any complex working conditions, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working environment and improve the working efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for secondary crushing mechanization.

Advantages and features of fixed crusher:
1. Low noise and good working conditions.
2. High hammering efficiency.
3. Good quality, excellent equipment material, special technology, durable.
4. The utility model has the advantages of low cost and no pollution to the air on site.  

How to install and debug the equipment and what to do if there are problems in the use process?

The equipment installation Union will arrive at the site with the equipment without any cost. If it takes more than a day, please arrange accommodation for the factory master. After commissioning, the on-site commissioning will teach the staff to operate independently and give the usual maintenance and operation matters.

There is no guarantee to buy the machine? (this problem doesn't exist)

We sign a formal contract for you. You only need the normal proportion of advance payment, we can arrange the order production, issue the distribution list before delivery, and have professional quality inspection personnel to check whether there is any delivery goods, and the delivery list. When the machine arrives at your side, you will pay the balance when you see the machine. (cooperation is only the beginning, service is win-win)

Matching wearing parts, motor / diesel engine provide lifelong service

We will provide you with wearing parts for your life. We have a professional after-sales team to relieve your worries - motor / diesel lifetime warranty.

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