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Small can crusher
Product introduction
Guoming machinery can crusher technology advanced, the company specializes in the production of scrap metal crusher, can crusher, paint barrel crusher, bicycle crusher and other series of products [13523372457]
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Product introduction
Small can crusher
In the process of various metal processing, grinding is an indispensable industrial link in the contemporary rapid development of economic society. In the processing of various metals, crushing operation consumes a lot of energy and is inefficient. In the process of metal material grinding, a large amount of energy is consumed due to the sound, heat, vibration and friction. Therefore, for many years, Henan Guoming machinery factory has been studying how to achieve energy saving and quickly complete the crushing process.


1: Adopt double axis or single axis low speed rotation, use cutter head to cut, cut, tear and pull materials. The direct connected worm gear reducer motor is directly installed on the driving shaft of the pulverizer, and is transmitted to the driven shaft through gear speed change, so that the moving cutter of the driving shaft forms relative motion with the stationary cutter head on the shell. The helical cutter heads on the driving shaft are arranged in a staggered manner, so that the materials are squeezed, torn and sheared at the same time, so that the materials are broken.
2: A high-speed rotating impeller is used to tear and break the long metal scraps. A number of round steel plates are connected in series on the high-speed rotating spindle (about 1000 rpm). There are 4 ~ 6 small gears cast with manganese steel around the round plate. The pinion rotates freely on its own pinion. The long and disorderly metal chips enter the machine from the top port, and are twisted by the gears on the high-speed rotating steel plate and torn into small pieces. The size of the screen hole can be selected according to the size of the broken particles required by the metal chips.

The features of metal crusher are as follows:

1. It has the advantages of large torque, high output, no noise and wear resistance.  
2. The chip can be fed continuously or intermittently.   
3. Horizontal double roll chip crusher can make chip drying, briquetting, smelting, crushing, pre-treatment and transportation of chemical fire-proof materials easy.   
4. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production efficiency and small discharge particle size
5. The driving device of the machine is equipped with safety electrical protection, which can effectively prevent the equipment damage caused by unexpected faults.   
6. The chip can be fed continuously or intermittently.   
7. The use of horizontal chip crusher is convenient for chip follow-up treatment, effectively reduce chip volume and save storage space. The balance wheel of the device has stable operation, large inertia and 20% power saving. The shaft ends of the upper and lower rotors are equipped with flywheels. The flywheel can adjust the periodic speed fluctuation of the operation to make it run evenly and stably. It can increase the rotational inertia, overcome the motion resistance and save electricity by more than 20%. Centralized lubrication system, non-stop oil injection, convenient and fast.

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How to install and debug the equipment and what to do if there are problems in the use process?

The equipment installation Union will arrive at the site with the equipment without any cost. If it takes more than a day, please arrange accommodation for the factory master. After commissioning, the on-site commissioning will teach the staff to operate independently and give the usual maintenance and operation matters.

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We sign a formal contract for you. You only need the normal proportion of advance payment, we can arrange the order production, issue the distribution list before delivery, and have professional quality inspection personnel to check whether there is any delivery goods, and the delivery list. When the machine arrives at your side, you will pay the balance when you see the machine. (cooperation is only the beginning, service is win-win)

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We will provide you with wearing parts for your life. We have a professional after-sales team to relieve your worries - motor / diesel lifetime warranty.

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