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Medium sized metal paint barrel grinder
Product introduction
Paint barrel crusher technology advanced, the company specializes in the production of scrap metal crusher, can crusher, paint barrel crusher, bicycle crusher and other products [13523372457]
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Product introduction
Medium sized metal paint barrel grinder
With the reform and deepening of China's scrap supply and demand mechanism, a number of scrap recycling, processing and distribution enterprises are emerging. The scrap crushing production lines and supporting equipment assembled in these scrap processing plants will be mechanically sorted, disassembled, processed and purified according to the variety and specification after the scrap is purchased into the plant, and various kinds of scrap raw materials are produced, which are distributed to the steel-making plant for recycling and steelmaking The quality of steel products has been gradually improved.
The large-scale scrap steel crusher produced by Henan Guoming mechanical metal crusher factory has stable and compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, conveyor feeding and automatic operation. Magnetic separation device is set at the discharge port to completely separate iron and other impurities, so as to make the best use of the materials. The broken materials are clean and bright, which can directly meet the requirements of feeding into the furnace. The hammer head and lining plate are cast with high manganese Steel material, prolong machine life, reduce transportation, manpower and other aspects of the cost, stable and compact structure, convenient maintenance, paint removal effect of more than 95%, high output, large profit margin, conveyor feeding automation, magnetic separation device at the discharge port, to achieve the separation of iron and other impurities, broken materials, can be large or small, small footprint, broken material The material can directly meet the requirements of fine material into the furnace, which is suitable for affiliated enterprises of steel mills, professional scrap processing and distribution enterprises, and waste recycling enterprises.

Crusher structure features]

1. Metal crusher The main engine shell is made of extra thick steel plate with high manganese steel casting lining, which can be replaced;
2. Metal crusher The main engine rotor has 11 steel discs installed on the horizontal shaft, 6 pin shafts are distributed around the steel disc, and 10 hammerheads are suspended in the axial direction;
3. Metal crusher The main shaft is supported by ball bearing, forced lubrication and cooling by circulating oil, and equipped with temperature sensor;
4. Metal crusher The feeding port is equipped with a double barrel feeding device with one high and one low position, rotating in the same direction, which can gradually flatten the large loose materials and send them into the machine. The rotation speed of the drum determines the feeding speed, which is controlled by the motor load current feedback of the main engine, so as to realize automatic adjustment and ensure that the main engine is in the load state.
5、 The operator can open the discharge valve and discharge it out of the machine body to avoid damaging the crusher.

Working principle of scrap crusher

Scrap crushing processing is to use the crusher to crush the scrap, and the sorting system is used to separate the broken scrap to obtain pure high-quality scrap. Its working principle is that under the continuous drive of high-speed and high torque motor, the hammer head on the crusher rotor alternately knocks the scrap into the chamber. Under the strong impact, the scrap steel is torn and extruded into a certain size of broken steel, and then processed by the sorting equipment, high-quality crushed steel with high purity can be obtained.

How to install and debug the equipment and what to do if there are problems in the use process?

The equipment installation Union will arrive at the site with the equipment without any cost. If it takes more than a day, please arrange accommodation for the factory master. After commissioning, the on-site commissioning will teach the staff to operate independently and give the usual maintenance and operation matters.

There is no guarantee to buy the machine? (this problem doesn't exist)

We sign a formal contract for you. You only need the normal proportion of advance payment, we can arrange the order production, issue the distribution list before delivery, and have professional quality inspection personnel to check whether there is any delivery goods, and the delivery list. When the machine arrives at your side, you will pay the balance when you see the machine. (cooperation is only the beginning, service is win-win)

Matching wearing parts, motor / diesel engine provide lifelong service

We will provide you with wearing parts for your life. We have a professional after-sales team to relieve your worries - motor / diesel lifetime warranty.

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