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Small branch crusher | outlet high position
Product introduction
Small mobile tree crusher is our factory in the original fixed tree crusher based on the installation of mobile traction device, in order to facilitate users according to different situations and occasions of mobile operation. Especially in outdoor field, it is easy to crush and load directly
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Product introduction
 Small branch crusher
[equipment introduction]
Henan Guoming machinery Small branch crusher It belongs to fine crushing equipment, also known as branch crusher, belonging to agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment. Small branch crusher is one of the series of wood crushing equipment, which is a special equipment for producing wood powder (sawdust). Small mobile tree crusher is a mobile traction device installed on the basis of the original fixed model, so as to facilitate users to move according to different situations and occasions. Especially in the outdoor, it is easy and labor-saving to directly crush and load, and can greatly reduce the transportation cost of materials, so it is favored by many users. consultation Price of small branch crusher Please contact 24436236.

Model division
According to the shape of the machine, the tree crusher can be divided into:
1. The starting mode of large tree crusher is electric starting of power distribution cabinet.
2、 Small branch crusher Because of its small size, its power can be driven by electric motor and diesel engine
2-1, electric version of the tree crusher, so also known as the outdoor small electric twig crusher. It is suitable for crushing branches outdoors. Detail page of motor type tree crusher.
2-2. Diesel version of tree crusher

[working principle]
Henan Guoming machinery Small branch crusher On the basis of absorbing the advantages of various branch crushers from multiple manufacturers, brands and brands, and making full use of the theories of impact, counterattack, mutual impact and grinding, it has developed a set of slicing and crushing, which can cut branches and branches with diameter from 1 cm to 20 cm.
[equipment parameters]
 Small branch crusher
[scope of application]
Small branch crusher Most of them are purchased and used by gardens, orchards, forestry, highway tree maintenance, parks, golf courses and other units. The grinding range and function are as follows:
1、 Small branch crusher For processing pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar wood, Chinese fir, bamboo and other materials;
2、 Small branch crusher It is used for the processing of sawdust in edible fungus culture medium;
3、 Small branch crusher It is used for crushing branches, trunks, leaves, branches, bark, roots, logs and scraps;
4、 Small branch crusher It can also be used in paper making, edible fungi, machine-made charcoal, particleboard, sawdust board, high-density board, MDF and other industrial production preparation section and single sawdust (sawdust) production;
5、 The small branch crusher can be directly used in outdoor The chips of fibrous stalk like materials such as corn straw, peanut straw, peanut shell, sorghum stalk, reed pole, sweet potato straw, bamboo and other plant straw were crushed into ideal fineness.
[crushed branches can be used as]
Small branch crusher The crushed materials can be used as cultivation coverings, garden bed foundation, construction of biological fermentation bed, organic fertilizer, edible fungus cultivation, biomass power generation, wood processing and production of high-density board, particleboard, paper industry, etc., so as to realize waste reuse. For more purposes, please click- Application cases
[advantages of small crusher]
1、 Small branch crusher The mobile traction device is installed on the basis of the original fixed model;
2、 Small branch crusher It can be directly sprayed into the transport vehicle, and the branches can be crushed at any time and anywhere;
3、 Small branch crusher It is composed of drum cutting system with high working stability. The feed throat is equipped with forced automatic feeding design, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the machine;
4、 Small branch crusher The structure components are made of steel, and are processed and welded by various CNC equipment, which ensures the durability of the machine;
5、 Small branch crusher The outlet is set high and equipped with deflector to adjust the discharging angle, so that the discharge can be concentrated to the designated position, which greatly facilitates the recovery of crushed materials;
6、 Small branch crusher Equipped with transmission, electric control and other key supporting equipment, all select famous brands, stable and reliable performance;
7、 Small branch crusher The hardness of the blade is not lower than HRC 55 (the HRC hardness of the file is 51 degrees);
8、 Small branch crusher Strong structure, densely distributed stiffened plate, to ensure the strength of the box body;
9、 Small branch crusher Automatic button control, safe and convenient;
10、 Small branch crusher Can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding;
11、 Small branch crusher Safety signs and labels to ensure the safety of use;
12、 Small branch crusher With self generating function, do not disconnect the battery connecting wire after the machine starts normally. The generator can continuously charge the battery without additional charging;
13、 Small branch crusher After starting, please keep the maximum horsepower of the diesel engine to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
14、 Small branch crusher There are two feeding ports, the side feeding of branches with diameter more than 5cm and the front feeding inlet of branches less than 5cm in diameter.
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