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How much is the recovery price of scrap steel in 2019?
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How much is the recovery price of scrap steel in 2019? Steel scrap (such as edge cutting and head cutting) that does not become products in the production process of iron and steel plant, as well as steel materials in equipment and components scrapped after use, are called scrap steel. What is the scrap price in 2019
How much is the recovery price of scrap steel in 2019?
Steel scrap (such as edge cutting and head cutting) that does not become products in the production process of the iron and steel plant, as well as the steel materials in the equipment and components scrapped after use, whose composition is steel, is scrap. How much is the scrap price in 2019?
What is the price of scrap steel all over the country? Those who are interested can take a look down!
I. new scrap price in 2019
Domestic common carbon scrap market generally fell sharply, with the overall decline of 50-250 yuan / ton.
Affected by Shagang's leading decline in the south, the market fell seriously; while in the north, the demand for limited production and reduced production of some steel mills was weak.
As a result, the market panicked to sell after the scrap price fell, and the increase of steel mills' arrival aggravated the price drop, forming a vicious circle.
In March 2018, the domestic scrap market was still mainly down. It is understood that in the falling market, traders' shipment speed is fast, steel mills' arrival continues to be high, and some steel mills with higher prices are pressing cars and ships seriously.
Steel prices down, the market is not optimistic, scrap market is not expected to pull up, so the overall market mentality is generally bearish. The scrap market is expected to remain weak in the short term.
At present, there are many factors affecting the scrap market, mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Since March, the domestic steel market has not been prosperous in the peak season, and the steel price has fallen instead of rising.
The overall price drop of many steel enterprises' construction steel plants directly affects the market trend of scrap steel. Most of the steel mills "control the quantity and depress the price" in the scrap procurement. Those steel enterprises with large scrap inventory mainly focus on digesting the inventory, while some steel enterprises reduce the purchase price, which drives the fluctuation and downward trend of scrap price. Large template
2 >, the temperature rises gradually, which is a good season for scrap recovery and processing.
Transportation is also relatively smooth. Scrap operators have started work, and the amount of scrap steel recovered gradually increases. The available resources put on the market in the later stage will also increase accordingly. The market supply and demand situation is changing, and the possibility of price rise is not too great. The change of available resources in scrap market has more and more influence on the future market.
3 >, from the cost point of view, scrap prices continue to rise, resulting in the continuous increase in the cost of arc steelmaking.
Up to now, the cost of independent arc steelmaking is higher, and the cost of long process steelmaking by converter is 400-600 yuan / ton. The cost of EAF rebar in East China is 3700-3750 yuan / ton. Scrap prices have squeezed EAF profits.
The operating rate and capacity utilization rate of EAF steel plants have increased at different levels compared with the same period last year. However, affected by profit compression, some EAF steel plants have taken measures to reduce production in disguised form, such as reducing start-up time. If there is no profit in production, the enthusiasm of EAF to put into operation will be weakened.
II. Introduction of scrap steel prices in China in 2019
Steel mills in Anhui, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shandong and other places will reduce 20-30 yuan / ton. The sharp fall of futures market makes the whole steel market pessimistic.
The reduction of scrap price shows steel mills' short expectation for the future market. It is expected that the enthusiasm of steel mills to receive goods in the short term is not high, and scrap prices will still fall.
Shanxi Yuncheng Hongda crushed material rose 20, the rest prices remained unchanged, after the increase of the first level crushing material 2-90. The second level crushing material 1960, excluding tax.
Scrap adjustment of Fulong iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in Yichang, Hubei Province: special charge 2050; steel parts and machinery 2050; primary crushing material 1950; furnace charge-1970; charge 2 1870; steel head 2000; charge 3 1770; large formwork 1870; I-beam 1920; steel chip 1770; refined material 1620, excluding tax.
Waste steel of HUAIFANG special post in Shandong Province dropped 20: special grade material 8 mm 2210, first grade material 6 mm 21 60, second grade material 4 mm 21 10 steel bar head 2 160 new material 4 mm above 4 mm, no tax included, and the seal was fined 2000 yuan.
From 7:00 on the 2nd, Shandong Guangfu informed: the price of crushing materials will be adjusted by 30 yuan per ton, the price of thin materials will remain unchanged, and the pressing block will continue to stop collecting.
Jiangxi Province
A large amount of recovery of Taixin steel in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province: pure broken pig iron is 2130. Pure large pig iron is 2080 high (weight no more than 4 tons). Note: machine pig iron without oil. Note large pieces of pig iron, broken pig iron to complete vehicle. (for cast-in-place steel, the high price of pig iron is 2060 yuan / ton). Cast steel, pig iron heavy waste mixed loading, high price 2000 yuan / ton. Tax is not included.
Hebei Province
The scrap part of Guoyi special steel is increased by 20: embryo head 2560 small discus 2540 steel head 2560 scrap 15 thick 2490 horseshoe 2390, tax free.
The price of Handan Hexin iron and Steel Co., Ltd. increased individually: Special 1 2410 special 2 2360 grade 1 2180 grade 2 1980 grade 1 crushing material 2130 secondary crushing material 1920 excluding tax.
Fujian Province
The purchase price of scrap steel in Sansteel was increased by 50 yuan / ton, and after adjustment, heavy scrap was 2410 yuan / ton. (in this adjustment, only 30 yuan / ton will be increased for the three grades of crushed materials and steel cutting head).
Liaoning Province
Liaoyang xinpenghui steel plant's receiving price increases: concentrate 2300, a material 2250, B material 2150, C material 2050. Size 400 * 600 can be strip steel. Tax is not included.
Jiangsu Province
Bo's regenerative abrasives (60 * 60) with one color and more than one centimeter (60 * 60) new steel sheet 2150-2230, clear and uniform cold rolling and punching 1920-2030, horseshoe 2000-2100, qingyise galvanized sheet, edge wire 1900-1950, packing iron sheet 1400-1800, mechanical pig iron about 2000, shear product 1700-1800, slag 500-600, please inform each other.
Jiangyin long scrap steel fell 30: new steel cutting head 2370, heavy waste, mechanical pig iron 2270, ordinary furnace charge, shear 2120, cold rolling, hot rolling skin punching 2200, galvanized steel sheet 2150, steel wire rope processing within 1 meter 1820, color steel tile 1620, scrap cake 2120, crushing material according to the goods pricing, tax deduction 14.5%, cash exchange.
Henan Province
Luoyang part fell 10-70: first grade pig iron 2050 special type 2160 heavy material 2050 medium-sized material 1950 small material 1870 unified material 1700 first grade steel chip 1920 second grade steel chip 1820, third grade steel chip 1770 excluding tax.
Anhui Province
Huainan Hongtai scrap steel fell 30: steel sheet 2190 heavy waste 2050 pig iron coke steel 2080 medium waste 1850-1950 cutting 1750-1810 general planing 1640 shavings 1740 tax free.
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Introduction to equipment related to waste steel recovery:

Processing range:

Scrap crusher is a kind of hammer type metal crusher, which can be used to crush various types of scrap steel Light waste metals such as pig iron, iron bath, automobile engine, car shell, motorcycle, bicycle, car basket, tinplate (can, paint bucket, hydraulic oil barrel), TV, refrigerator, washing machine, waste color steel tile, thin iron sheet and other light waste metals In terms of crushing effect, the metal materials broken by scrap crusher are granular particles, which are used in converter steelmaking. In terms of equipment composition, the whole equipment of scrap steel crusher is mainly composed of main engine, iron aluminum separator, trough type feeding and conveying equipment, dust removal equipment, etc. in the process of crushing large-scale scrap metal, it can also be used for supporting our company's biaxial metal shredder for assembly of large-scale scrap steel processing production line for batch processing of scrapped vehicles


Metal shredder

Processing range:

Shredder will be a variety of Used bicycles, motorcycles, plastics, waste cloth, wood, tree roots, logs, branches, bark, wood leftovers, wooden pallet, waste furniture, waste doors and windows, waste wood, cardboard, waste plywood, wood with nails, waste building formwork And tear into pieces.

   For the same machine, the output will vary with different materials (such as paper, plastic, wood and metal). 2. The size, quantity and claw number of cutter head used are also different according to the actual needs of users



Copper rice machine

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Copper rice can be recycled and treated Waste wires, household appliances, vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, etc.) Increasingly popular, the use of wires and cables is growing, with the renewal of these things, scrap processing capacity is also increasing.



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